Integrated DTH Drilling Rig – ZT10

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The ZT10 integrated down the hole drill rig for open use can drilling vertical, inclined and horizontal holes, mainly used for open-pit mine stonework blast holes and pre-splitting holes. It is driven by the Yuchai China stage lll diesel engine and the two-terminal output can drive the screw compression system and hydraulic transmission system. The drill rig is equipped with the automatic rod handling system, drill pipe floating joint module, drill pipe lubrication module, drill pipe sticking prevention system, hydraulic dry dust collection system, air conditioning cab, etc. optional drilling angle and depth indication function. The drill rig is characterized by excellent integrity, high automation, efficient drilling, environment-friendly, energy conservation, simple operation, flexibility and travelling safety, etc.

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Professional engine, strong power.

Fuel economy, lower fuel consumption and higher productivity.

Folding frame track, reliable climbing capacity.

High mobility, smaller footprint.

High level of intensity and rigidity, high reliability.

Easy to operate, more environmental friendly.

Product Details

Technical Parameters

Transport dimensions (L × W × H) 9230*2360*3260mm
Weight 15000kg
Rock hardness f=6-20
Drilling diameter Φ105-130mm
Ground clearance 430mm
Leveling angle of frame ±10 °
Travelling speed 0-3 Km/h
Climbing capacity 25°
Traction 120KN
Rotary torque(Max) 2800N.m(Max)
Rotation speed 0-120rpm
Lifting angle of drill boom Up 47 °, down 20 °
Swing angle of drill boom Left 20 °, right 50 °
Swing angle of carriage Left 35 °, right 95 °
Tilt angle of beam 114°
Compensation stroke 1353mm
Rotation Head stroke 4490mm
Maximum propelling force 25KN
Method of propulsion Motor+roller chain
Depth of economical drilling 32m
Number of rods 7+1
Specifications of drilling rod Φ76*4000mm
DTH hammer K40
Engine Yuchai YC6L310-H300
Rated power 228KW
Rated revolving speed 2200r/min
Screw air compressor Zhejiang Kaishan
Capacity 18m³/min
Discharge pressure 17Bar
Traveling control system Hydraulic pilot
Drilling control system Hydraulic pilot
Anti-Jamming Automatic electro-hydraulic anti-jamming
Voltage 24 V DC
Safe cab Meet the requirements of FOPS & ROPS
Indoor noise Below 85dB(A)
Seat Adjustable
Air-conditioning Standard temperature
Entertainment Radio


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